Program Festival “Bereginya-2014. Moving Forward Together!”

Regulations for Inter-Regional Amateur and Professional Film & TV Program Festival 

“Bereginya-2014. Moving Forward Together!”
The IV Inter-Regional Amateur and Professional Film & TV Program Festival “Bereginya-2014. Moving Forward Together!” (hereinafter, the “Festival”) is held by the Pomor Cultural Fund “Bereginya” with the support from Arkhangelsk Government and Arkhangelsk Ministry for Promotion of Local Self-Government and Domestic Policy, as part of the targeted project competition among socially-oriented non-commercial organizations.
Goals and tasks of the Festival:
- to attract the attention of the public and the media to the issues of preservation, promotion and protection of identity and native culture; diversity of languages and traditions; harmonization of cross-cultural and inter-religious relations in the multinational Russian Federation, in general, and Arkhangelsk Region, in particular; 
- to nurture a culture of cross-national communication; to promote tolerance and patriotism; to strengthen national accord by demonstrating the multitude of visual art genres;
- to set up, as a Festival’s activity, a creative venue to show documentary and short films, TV programs, social videos and animation films on the subjects of the Festival;
- to set up a collection (catalogue) of films on the subjects of the Festival for further demonstration, as non-commercial, in children’s homes, schools and other venues in Arkhangelsk Region.
Participants of the Festival:
- amateur and professional TV studios; schools’ and universities’ TV companies; film, video and TV clubs; artistic associations; independent authors and creative teams; regional, national and commercial TV and radio broadcasting channels favoring the idea of the Festival. Among the invitees are also masters of the arts in CIS-countries.
Each film/video/program can compete only in one nomination.
The selection round accepts films/videos/programs, with the scripts attached, in DVD format (suitable for viewing on DVD or computer). The films/videos/programs with faulty sound or video record will not be accepted for competition. The cost of shipping of the films/videos/programs with the attached contract-application will be borne by owners.  
The Festival will be run in four rounds: 
Round 1: August 1 – November 17. Films/videos/programs accepting.
Round 2: November 17 – November 20. Session of selective judging panel.
Round 3: November 29 - November 30. Session of regular judging panel.
Round 4: December 5 – December 7. Opening of the Festival. Film representation. Festival activities. Wrap-up and award ceremony.
Films/videos/programs eligibility criteria:
The working language of the Festival is Russian. The programs/films in languages other than Russian will be subtitled or dubbed. Clip slicings are not eligible for competition.
Films/videos/programs must be made not earlier than 2013-2014 and meet the regulations on the Festival (goals/tasks, duration requirement, category and nomination eligibility). The selective judging panel reserves the right not to submit the films/videos/programs failing to meet this requirement for the regular judging panel’s consideration. 
Winners of similar regional festivals and competitions are not eligible for this Festival.
Not eligible for this competition are films promoting violence, cruelty, unhealthy living or containing swear words, obscenities, etc.
Films and programs are accepted on DVD or Flash-Memory (by way of exception and decision of the organizing committee, films may also be accepted on Mini-DV tapes). Each film will have captions indicating and containing its name, authors, the ‘end’. The use of captions other than the above mentioned will be at authors’ discretion.  
The program of the competition run will be formed by the organizing committee and the judging panel based on the films screening results. The films/programs provided on DVDs or Flash-Memory for selection will not be returned.
All shipping costs will be borne by the Applicant.

Judging panel
The final decision as to putting the film/program on the competition program will be taken by the selection judging panel (jury), which is scheduled to complete its session on November 20.   
The Festival’s organizing committee will notify creative teams’ managers or individual authors of passing by the films/video/program of the selection round and admission to round 4. 
The outcomes of the competition will be finalized by the Festival’s regular judging panel. Individuals who were engaged in the production of the competitive films may not be members of the judging panel. The outcomes of the competition will be announced on the closing day of the Festival.
Competition categories
Category А: amateur crews/teams and individual amateurs of any age group.
Category B: professional, national, regional or commercial TV and radio broadcasting channels, independent authors or crews/teams of any age group.

Competition nominations
1. Soul of Nation
2. Earth is Home We Share
3. Uncomplicatedly About What Matters Most
4. Russian North: Land of Friendship

Duration of films/videos/programs
30 min maximum.
Assessment criteria
1. Emotional impact
2. Direction 
3. Camerawork
4. Sound production
5. Editing
6. Presenter’s/journalist’s impact
7. Originality of Theme Development

Special awards may be awarded to nominees for 
1. Best Film Script 
2. Best Direction
3. Best Camerawork
4. Debut 
This awards list can be extended.
Awarding procedure
As a means to encourage creativity of crews/teams and individual authors, the Festival’s organizing committee and management will establish prizes to be awarded to the competition winners. 
The competition outcomes will be announced during the Official Award Ceremony. 
Prizes and I-, II- and III-place diplomas will be awarded in all the categories and nominations. The prizes and diplomas will be awarded and conferred to authors or their representatives in praesentia.

A total of three prizes have been established by the organizing committee: 
Grand Prix; two prizes – for the Best Professional Film and for the Best Amateur Film. The Grand Prix will go to the film author/director/crew deemed to have presented the theme of the Festival in the best creative way

Program of the Festival
Activities as part of the Festival:
- runs of competitive films and TV programs;
- retrospective run of the best films created by TV and film documentalists;
- out-of-competition run; 
- master classes; opinion exchange;
- excursions, meet-the-artist events;
- other activities to promote visual arts.
The detailed Festival program will be announced by the organizing committee one week prior to the opening. 
An essential participation requirement is completing the application for each film/video/program submitted (to be attached and emailed). Please send your films/videos/programs to: 
“Bereginya-2014. Moving Forward Together!” Festival 
7, Pomorskaya St., office 405, 163000 Arkhangelsk, Russia. 
Tel/fax: (8-818-2) 243032/ 285439, cell: 89217198412. 
All shipping costs will be borne by the Applicant. 
Formats and carriers:
• DV PAL , mp4 (carriers:  CD, DVD, Flash-Memory)
The carriers submitted to the Festival will have the following details:
* Name of author (please highlight the stress for correct pronunciation)
* Name of film/video/program
* Duration (timing) of film/video/program
* E-mail
* Telephone (or several, if possible)
The carriers without the above details will neither be accepted, nor returned.
Credential and expenditure
Credential grants permanent access to all the Festival’s events, information materials, marks and symbols.
All the expenses arising from the arrangement and hosting of the Festival, and nominees awarding will be borne by organizers and sponsors as part of the procurement required.
Travel expenses (travel and accommodation) will be paid by the seconding party or using the competitor’s own resources.
Vladimir Y. Loiter, “Bereginya” Festival Director
Tamara A. Statikova, “Bereginya” Festival Executive Director
Tel/fax: (8-818-2) 24-30-32, 28-54-39,  cell: 89217198412
5, Pomorskaya St., office 405, 163000 Arkhangelsk
“Bereginya” Pomor Cultural Fund 




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