REGULATIONS of the International Festival of professional, amateur films and television programs “Dervish” 2011

             of the International Festival of professional, amateur 

             films and television programs
                        “Dervish” 2011

The Municipality of Arkhangelsk, the municipalities of sister cities, the television studio “Pomorfilm” act as organizers of the International Festival of professional, amateur films and television programs “Dervish 2011” (hereinafter – the Festival), whose main task is to increase interest in historical and cultural roots of our relationship. 
The festival is held on the 70-year anniversary of the arrival of the first Northern convoy “Dervish” at Arkhangelsk on August 31, 1941, that began one of the striking heroic and tragic events of World War II.

• To attract the world attention to the subject of the national exploit of the anti-Hitler coalition during the World War II.
• To promote moral education of the youth, its readiness to confront any manifestations of extremism and terrorism.
• Contribute to improving of professional skills.
• To promote and support amateur authors, whose work is spiritual, has aesthetic novelty and is searching for new expressive forms.
• To promote the strengthening of international ties of friendship between the regions of Russian Federation, CIS and foreign countries.

The organizers of the Festival are the municipality of Arkhangelsk, the municipalities of the sister cities, the television studio “Pomorfilm”.

The Festival is directed by the Festival President (the mayor of Arkhangelsk), the Directorate and the Organizing Committee.

The Directorate of the Festival is Studio “Pomorfilm”. The organizing committee consists of Head of Culture and Youth Policy Department, Head of International Relations and Tourism Department of the Municipality of Arkhangelsk, the Arkhangelsk Regional Council of Deputies, the Arkhangelsk City Council of deputies, figures of culture and art, sponsors and other persons interested in this sphere.

Dates of the Festival:
The Festival is held in four stages:
1st stage: April, 30 – August, 10. Registration of works.
2nd stage: August, 10 – August, 20. The work of the screening committee.
3d stage: August, 23 – August, 25. The work of the main jury.
4th stage: August, 31 – September, 2. Opening of the Festival. Film screening. Festival events. Summation and presentation of awards.

General Regulations
In the Festival participate television amateur and professional films and programs (loops, serials, game, animation, news, documentaries, publicistic and other) on the theme of the contest created by the state, regional and commercial television and radio broadcasting channels, companies, studios, unions, as well as studios, companies of the educational institutions, teenager/youth film-video-television clubs, creative associations, studios, agencies of additional education for children and by independent writers and creative teams that are supporting the idea of the Festival. 
One participant (group of authors) may submit no more than one work in each nomination. One work can be promoted to only one nomination. 
The movies together with application and script in DVD format (for viewing on DVD recorders and computer), that have marking and the paid registration fee are accepted to the elimination viewing. Materials having flaws in the image or sound are not admitted for the participation in the contest. All costs on shipping of films and programs, together with the application-agreement are covered by the owner of the work.

Conditions of participation of the festival works 
  The working language of the Festival is Russian. Programs (films), created in a foreign language must be superimposed subtitles in Russian or have simultaneous translation. “Cuts” of several programs are not accepted. Works must be made not earlier than in 2009 – 2011, and must be in line with regulations of the festival (goals / objectives, duration, the appropriate category and nomination), otherwise the screening committee has right not to provide works to the main jury. Works that won in other similar regional festivals and competitions are not admitted to the participation. 
Films that promote violence, cruelty, alcohol abuse, movies that contain scenes with expletives, etc. not admitted to the participation in the festival. 
Films and programs are accepted on DVD in DVD-video format (as an exception, by the decision of the organizing committee the Mini-DV can be accepted). Each film must have credits that necessarily indicate the name of the movie, the authorship, the word “end”, other titles are done at the discretion of the author.
The program of the competitive show is formed by the organizing committee and jury on the basis of pre-selection of films. The organizing committee does not return films/programs in DVCAM, Mini-DV and DVDs sent to the contest. All costs associated with shipping of the materials are covered by the applicant. 
Attention! Only nominees who receive accreditation (see paragraph - Accreditation) are invited to the participation at Stage 4 of the competition. 
Festival Jury
The final decision on the inclusion of a film or program in the festival competition is made by the screening committee, which finishes its work on August 20, 2011. 
The organizing committee of the Festival notifies managers of creative groups or individual authors if they pass the contest till the 3d stage of the competition. 
The results of the competitive show are summarized by the main jury. The jury may not include persons who have participated in the creation of films that are shown at the competition. The contest results are announced on the closing day of the festival. 
Contest categories of the festival
• Category “A”: non-professional, amateur groups and individual artists - amateurs. Age is unlimited.
• Category “B”: professional, state, regional and commercial television and radio broadcasting channels, the independent authors or groups. Age is unlimited. 
Nominations of the Festival contest
1. Memory of generations. The Second World War.
2. City of Military Glory.
3. The lessons of history. 
Timing of works
Up to 20 minutes. 
Performance evaluation criteria
1. Emotional impact.
2. Skill of the stage director
3. Skill of the camera operator.
4. Skill of the sound producer.
5. Editing skill.
6. Mastery of the host, a journalist in frame.
7. The novelty of the theme disclosure. 
Special prizes may be awarded for
1. “The best script”.
2. “The best stage director's work”.
3. “The best camera work”.
4. “Début”. 
List of special prizes may be extended.
The organizing committee and the directorate of the Festival establish prizes in order to promote creative growth of groups and individual authors, and the jury determines the winners.
All films or programs that have passed the competitive show are awarded with diplomas of the festival. The results are announced on the closing day of the contest at the Solemn Awards Ceremony.
Awarding is done for each category for all nominations with the presentation of gifts and certificates of I, II, III degree. The presence of the author or the persons representing the work is required.
The Organizing Committee establishes three awards:
Grand price and two laureates: “Best Professional Film” and “Best Amateur Film”.
Grand price is awarded to the filmmakers (stage director or group of authors) for the best implementation of the theme of the festival.
Winners in two categories: “Best Amateur Film”, ” Best Professional Film” are awarded.

The Festival Program

In the frames of the festival will be held the following:
- Contest show of television programs and films;
- Retrospective show of the best films about the participants of the Northern convoys produced by creative groups of the television- and documentary film makers of Arkhangelsk in the last 25 years;
- Out-of-contest screening;
- Workshops, opinion exchange between the participants of the festival;
- Excursions, meetings;
- Other activities that promote all kinds of visual art.

A more detailed program of the festival days will be announced by the organizing committee a week before the opening of the festival.

One of the prerequisites for participation in the contest is full registration application for each job submitted (attached, is sent by E-mail). The applicant shall send the contest works to the address:
Russia, 7, Pomorskaya ul., office 405, 163000, Arkhangelsk. Studio Pomorfilm. Festival “Dervish 2011”.
Tel./fax: (8-818-2) 243032/285439. Cell tel: +79217198412.
All costs associated with the shipping are covered by the applicant.
Formats and carriers:
• DV PAL (carrier: miniDV tape, CD, IDE HDD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW)
The carrier that is transmitted to the festival should contain the following information:
• Full name of the author (with the accent in name)
• Name of the film/ program/ reel
• Duration of the film/ program/ reel
• Email address
• Phone number (preferably several)
Media without the above-described marking won’t be accepted and won’t be returned.
Accreditation and costs
Members and guests who wish to take part in the festival program should transfer the accreditation fee of 1000 (one thousand) rubles per person.
Accreditation entitles for permit (accreditation) to all events as well as receiving informational materials of the festival with contest logo and participation in the activities.
Costs for the organization, holding of the festival, encouraging the participants and winners award are covered by the organizers and sponsors who provide the necessary resources.
Travel expenses (travel and accommodation) are covered by the participants. 
Contact Information
Tel./fax: (8-818-2) 243032/285439. Cell tel.: 89217198412
Russia, 7, Pomorskaya ul., office 405,163000, Arkhangelsk, Studio “Pomorfilm”. 
Bank account details for money transfer
OOO “Pomorfilm”
INN 2901170668
KPP 290101001
Current account 40702810100020001371
In the branch “Arkhangelskiy” of
OAO “Baltinvestbank” Arkhangelsk
Correspondent account 30101810900000000746
BIK 041117746

for the participation in the International Festival
of professional, amateur films and television programs “Dervish” 2011

Fill in block letters in Russian or in Latin letters
Full name of the applicant ______________________________________________
Country, region, city:__________________________________________________________________
A ______
Full name of the work
Nomination (mark)
1. Memory of generations. The Second World War.
2. City of Military Glory.
3. The lessons of history.
The brief summary of the project (without evaluation of own work)

I confirm the right of the Organizing Committee for any public use of the contest work sent to the Festival during the festival events.
I AGREE with the conditions of Festival’s holding.
______________________ signature
______________________ date 





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